For the past week, Governor Andrew Cuomo has made it clear he’s not interested in talking about Cynthia Nixon.

Friday was another case in point. During an interview on NY1, he was asked if he thought Mayor Bill de Blasio was behind Nixon’s campaign. Cuomo said you’ll have to ask him.

He said he doesn’t think he’s ever met Nixon, doesn’t know if he’ll debate her and doesn’t usually read Glamour magazine, which, in a new profile, quoted Nixon as saying Cuomo is famously vengeful and that bullies have to be confronted.

"Everybody can say what they want. We’re going to have a political season, and people choose their own style in life, and I have no comment on it. And I don’t mean to insult Glamour magazine," Cuomo said.

What Cuomo did want to talk about was Mayor Bill de Blasio. In the course of two interviews, he called de Blasio’s 10-year plan to close Rikers Island obnoxious, blamed the city for slowing emergency subway repairs and, asked about Nixon’s criticism that the state underfunds minority schools, pointed the finger at the city’s allocation of state aid. And he continued to hammer what he calls the incompetent management of the city’s Housing Authority, the latest front in their increasingly open feud.

"This notion that money put into NYCHA doesn’t work is a fiction," de Blasio said Monday. "The governor doesn’t understand the facts in this case."

"It is just disgusting, the way we leave our fellow New Yorkers to live," Cuomo said. "The city doesn’t want to admit NYCHA’s failure. It’s obvious, NYCHA’s failure."

Meanwhile, with congestion pricing stalled in Albany, Cuomo says he’s optimistic of at least passing a surcharge on ride-hailing vehicles to help fund MTA repairs.

And on a weightier topic, Cuomo again broke with the mayor, who told NY1 earlier this week Mario Cantone's Sex and the City character was his favorite. Cuomo chose not to indulge the question.

"I do not have a favorite, no," he said. "I don’t want to pick favorites."