Hours after she called candidate for Governor Cynthia Nixon an "unqualified lesbian," New York Democratic Party vice chair Christine Quinn joined Inside City Hall to apologize for her remark, but to defend her criticism of Nixon’s candidacy. 

As Nixon was making her first campaign speech Wednesday, a story in the New York Post quoted Quinn calling Nixon an "unqualified lesbian."

Speaking to NY1's Josh Robin on Inside City Hall, Quinn apologized for mentioning Nixon's sexuality, but not for questioning her qualifcations for the job.

"I was trying to make a comparison between the two of us. It came out wrong, and I apologize for that," Quinn said. "But I do not apologize for saying Cynthia Nixon is unqualified to be governor because she is unqualified to be governor."

Quinn is vice-chair of the state democratic party, and is backing Governor Andrew Cuomo in the democratic primary in September.