Mayor Bill de Blasio had a clear message to convey Monday night: he had nothing to do with Cynthia Nixon’s decision to run for governor or with her campaign rollout.

"I found out the same way you did, from the media today," he said.

On NY1's weekly "Mondays with the Mayor" segment, de Blasio sidestepped several opportunities to weigh in on her candidacy, including the most glaring question: whether he’ll support her.

De Blasio said he last spoke with Nixon over a month ago. While observers have been quick to note that close associates of the mayor are heading up Nixon’s team, he says not only did he have no hand in her decision, he got no heads up.

"I’m not involved. I did not know which way she was going to go with her decision," he said. "Some people who used to work for me are involved, but they’re professional campaign consultants.”

Of course, even if he likes the idea of Nixon making Cuomo squirm, de Blasio wouldn’t admit it. But he continues to trade punches with Cuomo, including on the issue of NYCHA funding and repairs.

"If the governor’s offering $250 million, I say amen. But we don’t want to do it through the private sector," de Blasio said.

The mayor did make one candid disclosure. His favorite Sex and the City character is the wedding planner played by Mario Cantone – a a preference, he said, based on ethnic loyalty.