Drive along Staten Island's Todt Hill Road — and there is little doubt Michael Grimm has a lot of fans.

"Yea, he's, I'm voting for him, and I know a lot of other people will," said one Staten Islander. "I think he did a good job."

As spring approaches, bright blue lawn sights supporting the former Congressman are sprouting all over the borough.

A reminder of what is likely to be a close race against incumbent Dan Donovan in the Republican primary this June.

"They definitely stand out; the color, the flags on it shows his patriotism, and we got them on every corner over here," said another denizen of Todt Hill Road.

"Here" is just blocks from Grimm's New Springville home.

Our cameras captured plenty in shorefront neighborhoods where Grimm has secured support from Sandy victims who credit him with helping them after the storm.

In fact, if lawn signs could predict elections  Grimm is the favorite, despite serving seven months in federal prison for tax evasion — a conviction that led him to give up his seat three years ago.

"If it came today, I'd vote for him."

Unfortunately for Grimm, lawn signs are not a predictor of electoral success. Although they can offer some insight into campaigns.

"I think it speaks to the intensity of his support, I think that he's got a really, lot of hardcore supporters; whether that converts to a victory on primary day is another question," said politics professor Richard Flanagan, of the College of Staten Island.

In what is likely a strategic move, many of the homes where we found Grimm signs like this one had more than one on the property:

"Visually, it can be very powerful, and I think when you see a clustered sign, it stands out more in your mind than if you catch a glance driving by," Flanagan said.

Our cameras captured many Donovan signs, too, though not nearly as clustered as Grimm's.

A Donovan spokeswoman says his campaign has "more than 500 signs spread across the district with more to come."

She added, "Our campaign focuses on putting signs on the properties of actual voters with a message about solutions and results. Everything we do in our campaign is to remind voters of Dan's 20-year record delivering for Staten Island."