"I am looking to treat every person in this body, as I said upstairs, with respect. If you supported me or didn't support me, I'm looking to treat you with respect. If you ran for speaker, I am looking to treat you with respect."

That was City Council Speaker Corey Johnson on Wednesday, moments after his colleagues elected him their leader.

No official announcements have been made yet, but sources have told NY1 that behind-the-scenes decisions are being made about who will lead some of the council's most influential committees.

Sources say City Councilman Rafael Salamanca from the Bronx will chair the Land Use Committee; City Councilman Daniel Dromm from Queens will lead Finance; Mark Treyger, a councilman from Brooklyn, will chair the Education Committee; and Laurie Cumbo, a Brooklyn councilwoman, will be majority leader.

"There are multiple ways to be creative to ensure that each member is able to work on issues that matter to them," Johnson said Wednesday.

At least two candidates who ran against Johnson for speaker will also get plum positions: Sources say Robert Cornegy of Brooklyn will chair the council's Housing Committee, and Mark Levine of Manhattan will chair the Health Committee.

When asked about these appointments, a spokeswoman for the council said in a statement, "The Speaker has already met with almost all of his colleagues and is in active conversations with council members, stakeholders, city leaders and advocates to ensure the committee chairs best reflect the priorities of this council and the diversity of our city."

The speaker is expected to announce all committee assignments later this week.

Indeed, the plum committee chair positions are highly sought after. But unlike in years past, this time they will not come with an extra pay; then city council members voted to increase their salaries back in 2016, they put an end to the committee stipends, known as lulus.