The governor held a fundraiser with former Vice President Joe Biden in Manhattan amid some unfinished business in Albany. Zack Fink filed the following report.

Andrew Cuomo is back in the city and doing something even his critics admit he's quite good at: raising money.

As of the last campaign filing, which dates back to January, Cuomo's 2018 re-election campaign had amassed roughly $22 million. The new reporting period covering the last six months is in July.

But while raking in cash is old hat for this governor, bringing the legislature together in Albany this year proved much more difficult. Lawmakers left the Capitol last week without renewing mayoral control of city schools.

"We will get it done at the appropriate time," Cuomo said. "I hope to get it done before it lapses. It lapsed before, but I believe we will get it done. It is a legitimate debate, and there are strong feelings on both sides."

When that appropriate time will be is anybody's guesss. Mayoral control expires late Friday night, so lawmakers believe they could be back later this week to tackle that issue.

"I think the governor wants to come in on his white horse," said Assemblyman Daniel O'Donnell of Manhattan. "The Senate has said they won't come back without a special session. I suspect the governor will call a special session and send us probably a one-year extender and say, 'Well, I tried.'"

But there were other issues that lawmakers failed to resolve as well, including local taxes later this year that are expiring, which need to be renewed. There were also a number of priorities for Mayor de Blasio, including more speed cameras on city streets.

Legislators say a grand bargain is unlikely, however, if they go back to Albany this week.

"I don't expect a big ugly in the first week in July," O'Donnell said. "Obviously, there are some outstanding issues. The governor has been laregly absent since the budget passed, saying he did all he needed to do. Maybe the governor has woken up and realized that being governor involves doing more than just things that make him feel better."

In terms of unfinished business, a spokesperson for the governor says they got most of what they wanted accomplished in the budget, even though the budget was late this year. That's unusual for them since they mostly have had a streak of on-time budgets.