Mayor Bill de Blasio addressed residents at a town hall meeting in Brooklyn Tuesday night. 

The mayor spoke to voters in Borough Park about issues like water bills, sidewalk space and speeding on Ocean Parkway. 

The area favored de Blasio's Republican opponents during his first bid for mayor. Instead of trying to win residents over, he touted the city's growth under his leadership.

Meanwhile, a local activist wants the conservative community to look past de Blasio's party affiliation this time around. 

"I know a lot of people, to their great credit in this room, stood by New York City when times weren't so good, but everyone should be proud of the progress we have made together," de Blasio said.

"He's done things for the community, the security, the UPK, which Yeshivas are eligible for. He could've made it very easy, Yeshivas not eligible. So he's done a lot of things that really help the community," said Leon Goldenberg, a community activist and a de Blasio supporter.

The mayor has held several town halls around the city over the past year.