Green Party presidential candiate Jill Stein led a crowd outside of Trump Tower Monday to discuss the recount efforts. 

Stein touted the progress made toward recounts in three battleground states and slammed the president-elect for opposing the efforts. 

The news conference came after a judge ordered a recount of about 5 million ballots to begin in Michigan Monday and Wisconsin started recounting votes last week.

In Pennyslvania, the Green Party is still pushing for an emergency federal court order for a statewide recount. 

Stein defended the recount as a democratic measure and claimed not all votes may have been counted. 

“This is not simply an abstract concern. This is a very real concern that these votes from the communities of color be respected, and that we affirm that they are not once again being tossed into the dustpan here and disrespected. So we are standing firm for the hard-won and hard-fought right to vote, particularly for people of color," Stein said.  

City Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez is also holding a news conference at Trump Tower Monday. He is calling for the president-elect to move his transition headquarters out of Midtown.