A prominent animal rights group that led the campaign to ban horse-drawn carriages said it backs a new bill that would limit them to Central Park.

The group, NYCLASS, said while it wants more protection against extreme temperatures and wants age restriction for horses, it's asking the City Council to vote to approve the bill.

The group spent heavily during the 2013 election to help elect Mayor Bill de Blasio.

However, a union that represents carriage drivers says while it supports the plan in concept, it's still discussing details with the Council and the administration.

This comes after City Hall and the Council announced last weekend that the union reached a compromise deal.

NYCLASS had released a statement Tuesday that was critical of the deal, but at the time it didn’t say if it backed the new bill.

The City Council is expected to take up the matter Friday. The deal's opponents plan to rally at City Hall on Thursday.

Pedicab drivers are anticipated to be there Thursday. Under the plan, they would not be allowed to pick up fares in Central Park south of 85th Street.