Two days after his State of the Union, President Obama again brought up his hope to reform the criminal justice system before he leaves office, this time during a town hall meeting at a Louisiana high school.

The president took questions Thursday on a range of topics, from his biggest regret to his plans after leaving the White House.

Obama acknowledged that it would be difficult to get other agendas passed through Congress, such as an increased minimum wage and immigration reform, but he was optimistic about rallying bipartisan support to improve the criminal justice system.

"We have to be tough on violent crime but also be smart when we think about how can we prevent young people from getting into the criminal justice system in the first place," he said.

"We've seen some very conservative Republicans, and some very liberal Democrats sitting down at the table and trying to work it out," Obama added. "And that's an example of where we see some promise."

Someone also asked the president if there was any chance First Lady Michelle Obama will ever make a run at the White House.

He ruled out the possibility, jokingly saying the only guarantees in life are death, taxes, and his wife never running for office.