President Barack Obama is in the city.

On Sunday, he gave the first of two speeches he will be making at the United Nations while he is here.

He promoted sustainable development, as well as a plan to end global poverty and hunger around the world.

He pressed world leaders there to support a 15-year development in action as well as financially.

"When hundreds of women die every single day just from having a baby, we know we have more work to do. When tens of millions of children are still not in school, when hundreds of millions of people have no clean water, no toilets, we have so much more to do."

The president also appeared at an LGBT gala for the Democratic National Committee in Midtown Sunday evening.

Obama will be addressing the United Nations General Assembly Monday.

His agenda also includes several meetings with world leaders including Russian President Vladimir Putin and Cuban President Raul Castro.

This will be his second meeting with Castro since restoring relations with Cuba last year.