In one week, two City Council members announced they would soon leave City Hall for other jobs, and in what's typically not a campaign season, candidates are already emerging, hoping to fill their seats. NY1's Courtney Gross filed the following report.

On Monday, Queens City Councilman Mark Weprin announced he was resigning to join the administration of Governor Andrew Cuomo.

"When the governor asks you to come work for him, a guy you admire and have known for so long, it's hard to say no," Weprin said.

Now, the Council's Republican minority leader, Vincent Ignizio of Staten Island, is following his lead. Ignizio is resigning to become chief executive officer of Catholic Charities of Staten Island.

In a statement, Ignizio said, in part, "This decision, for me, is bittersweet. While I could not pass up the unique opportunity to lead a non-profit organization that does so many wonderful things for our city and aligns so fully with my beliefs, I will miss working on behalf of my constituents and with many people I have come to love and respect."

It's unclear when either of them will officially step down.

"It's definitely going to be at least a couple more weeks, just because the background checks take a while," Weprin said.

The looming resignations could trigger a complicated election calendar this summer and fall in their districts. If Weprin resigns before June 10, there will be a nonpartisan special election to fill his seat, followed by a primary and general election in the fall, meaning anyone looking to succeed him may have to run three times this year.

On the other hand, Ignizio plans to step down later this summer. If that happens between June 10 and July 2, candidates would run in a primary and a general this fall. If he steps down after July 2, then party committees would select candidates to run just in a general election.

Even before these Council members have officially resigned, there are a number of candidates exploring a run to replace them.

In Queens, former Democratic Assemblyman Barry Grodenchik told us he is running. Attorneys Ali Najmi and Steve Behar are also exploring a bid.

On Staten Island, it is all but certain that Republican Assemblyman Joe Borelli will run.