For the fourth and final part of our City Poll series this week, NY1's Grace Rauh looks at what New Yorkers think about Mayor Bill de Blasio's agenda. 

The main focus of Mayor Bill de Blasio's second year in office is a plan to build or preserve 200,000 units of affordable housing over the next decade. 

However, our NY1/Baruch College City Poll finds that half of New Yorkers believe the mayor will not be able to meet his housing goal. Forty percent are more optimistic.

There are differences based on education and income.

"Perhaps it says something that the more educated are a little bit more skeptical than the less educated, and the wealthy more skeptical than the less wealthy, about whether the mayor can accomplish his goal," said Mickey Blum, a Baruch College pollster.

The plan was the centerpiece of de Blasio's State of the City speech this month. In the speech, he also discussed his desire to raise the minimum wage in the city to $13 an hour. He also wants to create a five-borough ferry system and expand express bus service. 

We asked New Yorkers which proposal would affect them most personally. Twenty-seven percent said the minimum wage hike, 23 percent said affordable housing and 10 percent said the ferry and bus service expansion. Thirty-six percent said none of the above.

There is overwhelming support, our poll found, for another signature de Blasio initiative: the new municipal ID cards. Sixty-seven percent of New Yorkers approve of the program to offer ID cards to all city residents regardless of their immigration status, while 20 percent disapprove. Thirty-three percent of New Yorkers told us they think they will get a municipal ID, while 60 percent said no.

"There are 6 million people in this city over the age of 18. If a third of them were to actually get a card, that's 2 million. Way more than anyone was expecting," Blum said.

While the 2016 Democratic National Convention is not coming to Brooklyn next year, our poll found that New Yorkers overwhelmingly wanted the city to host it. 79 percent said it would be a good thing for New York. The convention, though, is going to be in Philadelphia.