In Wednesday's exclusive City Poll, NY1 looks at what New Yorkers think of the New York City Police Department and whether they think Police Commissioner William Bratton is doing a better job than Mayor Bill de Blasio. NY1's Grace Rauh filed the following report.

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton is not nearly as popular as his boss, Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Our exclusive City Poll, conducted by NY1 and Baruch College, found that less than half of New Yorkers - 49 percent - approve of the way Bratton is handling his job. The mayor's approval rating is nine points higher.

Support for the commissioner, though, differs among New Yorkers based on race.

"Whites, and interestingly enough, Latinos, are very much behind this commissioner, whereas blacks are less certain as are Asians," said Mickey Blum, a pollster at Baruch College. "Men like him more than women. But generally speaking, he gets positive marks, just not quite as high as the mayor himself."

Police officers, our poll found, are also held in higher regard than Bratton. A majority of New Yorkers said they approve of the job police officers are doing. Thirty-six percent disapprove.

At the same time, though, most New Yorkers from across racial groups said they do not think the NYPD treats people of all races and ethnicities the same.

Overall, 63 percent said the department does not treat New Yorkers equally, while 27 percent said it does.

We also asked New Yorkers whether they had been stopped and questioned by police. While most said they had never been stopped, black and Latino New Yorkers were more likely to have been stopped than white and Asian residents.

"While the experience of being stopped or not stopped is different by race, people of all races seem to believe that the NYPD does not, in fact, treat people equally across the races," Blum said.

When it comes to public safety, New Yorkers generally feel safe in their neighborhoods at night. Eighty-one percent said they feel very or somewhat safe, while 18 percent said not so safe or not safe at all.

As for threats of terrorism, a majority of New Yorkers said they do not think a terror attack like the one in Paris last month is likely to happen here, but most New Yorkers said they are very or somewhat worried about the possibility of a terror attack in general in the city.