Andrew Cuomo’s oppo-researchers probably never expected that they’d have to watch six seasons of “Sex and the City” to find out if Miranda Hobbes ever went off message.

But with Donald Trump ruling the country’s roost, we have to take it seriously when someone like Cynthia Nixon clears her throat when we start talking about this year’s race for governor.

And Nixon is doing more than throat-clearing. She’s meeting with two prominent political consultants who were instrumental in Bill de Blasio’s first run for mayor 2013.

For the mayor, a Nixon campaign would be a big smack at the Democratic Alpha Dog who is constantly trying to take a bite out of City Hall.

But Nixon is likely trying to figure out if she can actually beat Mr. Big in a September primary. While political unknown Zephyr Teachout managed to get 34 percent in a primary against Cuomo in 2014, that was a campaign that the governor largely ignored and ran on cruise control.

It would be a very different story if Nixon entered the race. But Cuomo would also have to muzzle himself and let others do the attacking, lest he look like he’s being mean to a cultural icon – at least to people of a certain age in Manhattan.

You’d have to buy a box of drool bibs for political reporters if Nixon throws her hat into the ring. Meanwhile, I can’t believe we may have to care about a Sarah Jessica Parker endorsement.


Bob Hardt