It took an election year for the mayor to walk on the High Line and spend a night at the opera –  but he’s still taking a pass at the big ballpark in the Bronx.

There are obviously far more serious issues than baseball confronting City Hall, but de Blasio likes to remind New Yorkers that he can walk and chew gum at the same time. If he were smart, he’d start chewing.

A lifelong Red Sox fan, de Blasio argues that it would be phony if he were to appear at Yankee Stadium to root for his dreaded rivals. But he deserves a shake of a head for either not getting it or willfully ignoring the fact that he’s the mayor of all New Yorkers – and no one is asking him to clap if Aaron Judge hits a home run.

Beyond amped-up baseball fans, thousands of Bronx residents are thrilled that the Yankees have a real chance of playing three more games in their borough – and seeing some money get spent in their neighborhood that would otherwise be sprinkled in Houston.

A Massachusetts native who probably couldn’t have named the Yankees starting infield, even Michael Bloomberg still dutifully made the trip to the Bronx to honor the team’s achievements.

But this mayor scores a run for stubbornness. Dressing up as a New York Met for Halloween when the team made the World Series in 2015, the mayor will likely not want a single pinstripe to be seen at Gracie Mansion this year.

From Catholic to atheist to black to white and everything in between, eight million New Yorkers deserve a pat on the back from the mayor when we do something right or are celebrating an achievement. If he’s really going to stick to his guns, why even bother showing up if there’s a victory parade?

It’s an unnecessary strikeout by a churlish mayor who only wants to play his game. And for that, he gets a Bronx cheer.