Someone is doing a lot of talking to reporters in Governor Cuomo's administration.

A "top Cuomo administration official" is quoted in today's Daily News, slagging Mayor de Blasio for just not getting Albany.

"How did the mayor think he was going to get mayoral control? 'Well the Assembly will support me.' They didn't," the Albany Deep Throat told the News. "I think he puts himself in these situations."

But it's the governor who seems to put himself in situations that then need to be cleared up by a very high-placed person  in his administration.

It's a weird game of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide the Source – with the famously-controlling governor able to claim that he has nothing to do with those nasty things "someone" is saying about Mayor de Blasio.

But with a framework deal to close out the legislative session still very much up in the air, it might be smart for Cuomo to focus on finishing his work in the Capitol rather than bizarrely fan the flames of a feud with the mayor.

While it's keeping all of us in the media highly entertained, blood sport is hardly a wise policy choice in the early days of summer. Hopefully, the governor will be able to fix the leak in his inner office and get back to work.

It's just some free advice from a very high-placed political source at NY1.


Bob Hardt