Fresh from his out-of-town jaunts, Mayor de Blasio yesterday paid an unannounced visit to the reporters who cover him in City Hall's press room.

Facing some criticism for his trips, de Blasio made yet another strong defense for the need to take his show on the road while keeping the campfires smoldering at home.

"The citizens of my city would like to see me pursuing something that could lead to a half billion more for our roads, bridges, highways and mass transit. I think that’s the right thing to do,” de Blasio said.

But facing stories – not just in the tabloids but in The New York Times -- that he's  losing touch with some of his key constituents, it may be a wise time to reconnect with New Yorkers before leaving the five boroughs again.

A particular jarring moment came last week when de Blasio took two calls from listeners to a California radio show – something he hasn't deigned to do in New York City since becoming mayor. And town hall meetings – which even the brusque Rudy Giuliani held – would be a smart thing to put on de Blasio's agenda even if it would force the mayor to eat a slice of humble pie occasionally.

Road trips can sometimes serve as victory laps but the mayor might be wise to cancel his vacation this summer and stay close to home – and that doesn't mean hanging out in the faraway land of Park Slope. Gracie Mansion calls.


Bob Hardt