Addiction can happen to anyone. The misuse of illicit and prescription drugs can result in serious health problems including addiction, overdose and death.  Learn more.

Opioids can cause physical dependence, addiction, overdose and death. There are many ways to prevent and treat these problems. Learn more.

Overdose is a serious health risk for people who use opioids, whether prescribed or illicit. Opioid overdose is now the leading cause of accidental death in New York City and in the United States, surpassing even motor vehicle accidents. Overdose deaths are preventable, and with naloxone, you can save a life.

For information on how to prevent overdose, see the NYC Department of Health's Overdose Prevention page, or download the NYC Department of Health's free mobile app for smartphones, STOP OD NYC. The app provides a ready source of information, including how to recognize and reverse an overdose with naloxone, and where to get it.