Remote learning orientation begins Wednesday for New York City public school students, but the Department of Education is still making last-minute changes to teaching requirements. 

On Tuesday night, NY1 broke news that families signed up for the city’s blended learning plan will no longer be guaranteed live instruction on days they learn from home.  The DOE said this will help relieve the burden on teachers, who are facing a massive staffing shortage. 

So much confusion still remains as students, parents and teachers adjust to a new school year that will look and feel very different. 

Educational decisions aren’t a “one size fits all” experience, Developmental Psychologist and Education Expert Rebecca Mannis told NY1.

On Wednesday’s “One New York,” Mannis laid out a number of tips for students, parents and teachers navigating back to school during the pandemic.

Mannis said it’s important that all parties navigating back to school understand feelings of uneasiness are natural. She suggested keeping a list handy of stress management techniques, and getting appropriate rest and exercise. Mannis also suggested setting up workspaces separate from those where one would relax.

Mannis suggested parents set up routines for their children to help them feel a sense of normalcy. She said parents should weigh which family priorities are essential to keep, and which parts of regular routines could use adjustment. Parents should reward independence.

Teachers navigating back to school should identify skills most essential for students, and regularly check in with them and their parents, said Mannis. She suggested teachers search for opportunities to respond, rather than react, and also make sure they are taking care of themselves so they can take care of their students.