Arthur Miller's "The Crucible" is back on Broadway with a starry cast, and a unique new staging. NY1’s Frank DiLella takes you behind the scenes of this Tony-nominated revival.

Something wicked is invading Broadway's Walter Kerr Theater, and it comes by way of a chilling and haunting revival of Arthur Miller's "The Crucible".

This is not your average restaging of the 1953 classic. Director Ivo van Hove, Tony nominated this year for his revival of another Arthur Miller work "A View From the Bridge," transports the residents of Salem, Massachusetts into a classroom like setting for the production. That's where all the finger pointing and witch-craft accusing begins. "The Crucible" has been nominated for four Tony Awards, including best revival. 

In their Broadway debuts, Ben Whishaw plays John Proctor and 2016 Academy Award nominee for "Brooklyn," Saoirse Ronan, takes on Abigail Williams.

"I feel like I’ve never learned as much from actors as I have done by doing the play because they’re the people that you’re with every night, whereas on a film, it’s so technical and the crew is just as much a part of it as anyone else,” Ronan says.

Actor Ben Whishaw was originally introduced to the Arthur Miller classic when he played the role of John Proctor at the age of 15 in school. As he explains, this revival is not your everyday Miller production.

"I think some of what Ivo has done is just pare away some of the trappings of theatre from the 1950’s so that we can get to the sort of human drama underneath that,” Whishaw says.

And yes, the drama is more present than ever in this revival, especially for Tony winner and 2016 nominee Sophie Okonedo, who plays Proctor's wife Elizabeth.

"Each job I do, I have a way of keeping it fresh, and one of the ways I keep it fresh with this is I just read the newspaper,” Okonedo says. “And find something that’s happening in the world today that brings me right into this world. That with Arthur Miller and now that Ivo has created."

The 2016 revival of  The Crucible" is now playing at the Walter Kerr Theatre.