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Don’t call it a comeback. Reporter Van Tieu is on her second stint with NY1 and loving the return trip to New York City.  

After starting at the station as an intern while pursuing her masters at Columbia, Van spent time at CNN where she began to master her breaking news chops. From there, she took gigs in Bismarck, North Dakota and Reno, Nevada. But eventually, Van left the biggest little city in the world and returned back where she started: NY1 and the big apple.

The child of Vietnamese immigrants, Van appreciates the stories that give voices to New Yorkers that might otherwise not be heard. She makes it a priority to find the jewels of the city and bring them to light for the viewer.

When not at work, Van spends time sampling all of the best culinary delights that NYC has to offer. That said, she is still on the lookout for a truly authentic Vietnamese cuisine experience.