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When you think of a lifelong New Yorker, think of NY1 Political Reporter Zack Fink. Zack grew up in the Bronx before moving to Manhattan when he was 19. He has lived in Manhattan ever since.

Since 2012, Zack has been the State House reporter for NY1, covering all that is happening with the governor and NY state government.

For Zack, there is no greater thrill than the work. Covering what’s happening in state government, and getting to the bottom of how and why decisions are made. What’s even better, though, are the relationships he’s developed along the way. As they say in the capitol city, the friends you make in Albany are friends for life.

When not working the state house beat, you can find Zack with his nose buried in a book on a family vacation with his wife and young daughter. Preferably somewhere warm!