NEW YORK - It’s only been about a week since hair salons reopened. But that hasn’t slowed Rachel Bodt down. In fact, she’s been styling hair while under quarantine, just virtually.

“I felt like it was the thing I can contribute in this time, to make someone feel good while they’re at home. I wanted to be a part of that and help be part of something positive," Bodt said.

Bodt is an independent colorist that rents space in a Chelsea salon. 

When she was forced to pack up in March because of coronavirus, she immediately looked for ways to continue working. 

“We were really limited. It's not something we could really do from home so just being super creative and like reaching out to clients to see what they need to feel good. And a lot of people wanted to take the challenge and do their roots," Bodt said.

Bodt helped her clients themselves become colorists.

She taught them how to choose the right dye for their hair, and gave free tutorials over Facetime. 

“It was like exciting, we’d order the color, set up the Facetime date, have wine and do the hair color. It was something that was exciting and also these little human interactions," Bodt said.

But she admits booking in-person appointments again is much more exciting.

“It’s like seeing a friend from high school that you haven't seen in so long because you’re just so happy," Bodt said.

Bodt says she originally thought the separation from her clients would make her feel lonely. But it actually made them closer.

“There was a lot of husbands and a lot of partners involved in helping them get the back. It was really a cool experience to do something like that with your clients. It becomes this really funny bonding moment," Bodt said.

Now Bodt is making sure all of her customers get the treatments they need. Especially those who may have lost their job during the pandemic, they can still reach out for a virtual appointment for free.  

“Anything to make anyone feel good was really important and just being really available," Bodt said.

So, for refusing to let the pandemic stop her from doing what she loves most - helping women feel confident, Rachel Bodt is our New Yorker of the week.