QUEENS, N.Y. - They go by the Flushing Three. Ebony Baron-Walden, Nicole Dauito and Gina Fuchs are on a mission to care for caregivers.

“They’re giving so much to everyone, we wanted to give them something," Dauito said.

This trio is giving Flushing Hospital staff tools to cope.

They’ve all spent the last few months on the frontlines, fighting the coronavirus.

Simple things we often forget to do during stressful situations, like deep breathing and physical activity. 

When the pandemic hit, the hospital’s wellness program was put on halt. That's when the art therapists decided to shift their services to help the people that needed it most - the nurses and doctors treating New Yorkers infected with coronavirus.

“Just to see thousands of people in pain, and to have these professionals say I am a human also and I am not just a medical person to give the oxygen or help that infection or give that antibiotic, but I’m also really feeling that universal pain," Baron-Walden said.

From yoga to painting to one-on-one counseling, the health care workers say they finally are able to take a moment out for themselves to relax.

“I always say hey there are my sunshines right there, and I know they’re going to bring something or say something or give me something that’s stress relieving," said Dr. Pragnesh Patel, who works at Flushing Hospital.

As COVID-19 hospitalizations continue to decrease, "The Flushing Three” have returned to their usual work with patients. But, they still will continue to provide daily support to coronavirus heroes. 

"There were so many ways we couldn't help, or couldn't give so we found a way we were able to," Dauito said.

So, for bringing a sigh of relief to health care workers during the coronavirus pandemic, "The Flushing Three" are our New Yorkers of the Week.