NEW YORK - Just as rapidly as information about coronavirus comes in - and then changes - New Yorkers act, stepping up for their neighbors in need.

A fundraising gala canceled - but the meals? They were turned over to a local soup kitchen.

Five-hundred dinners that would have been served at the enCourage Kids Foundation Anniversary Gala were instead given to the Bowery Mission.

"We are so excited that we have the opportunity to make something good out of something a little frustrating," said Michelle Hall-Duncan, CEO of Encourage Kids.

And in Williamsburg, Jimmy’s Diner, forced to close by state mandate to limit crowds - is letting the customer decide how much they can afford for their meal.

The diner is offering frozen meals at a “pay-what-you-can” rate - knowing many New Yorkers are now without jobs.

"I love New York City. From the bottom of my heart, I think it's the best city in the world. And I think that of all the cities that can pull through this, it's our city. And the only way we're going to do it though is if we are all are extra kind, extra patient, and really support each other through this," said Blair Papagni, owner of Jimmy's Diner.

That’s the same feeling that drives the owner of True Care Pharmacy in Boerum Hill to give out generic medicines to its patrons facing financial hardship - for free. And if you’re a medical professional or someone with a weakened immune system you’ll get a face mask at no cost, too. 

"We're one big community no matter what happens. It's always, always - it's about time for us to step in as a community, as one big family and try to protect one another," said Omar Abouelnas, owner and pharmacist at True Care Pharmacist.

We have seen example after example of New Yorkers coming together as a community while being forced to keep distant, so, this week, all of you are our New Yorkers of the Week.