You might expect the executive director of a major non-profit to be stuck behind a computer screen most days - dealing with budgets and schedules.

Sure, David Kupecky does all of that while running the Boys and Girls Club of Metro Queens, an organization that serves more than 400 kids in need. But over the last five years, he has picked up a few other unexpected duties.

"I drove one to their prom this year because she couldn't afford to take the party bus, her dress didn't come in correctly, so I spent the day before finding an emergency prom dress, going around, which is not something I've spent a lot of time doing prior to that," Kupecky said.

Being there for high school milestones, celebrating sweet sixteens and helping students navigate college applications.

These are just a few examples of how Kupecky has gone above and beyond for his "kids", stepping in as more of a father figure than program director for many of the club's members.

"A lot of them have been let down in their lives by people who probably should have been there a little bit more and for whatever reason they aren't. You sort of grow into filling that void," Kupecky said.

Kupecky makes it a priority to expose these teens to life outside of their regular routines.

He takes them to concerts, baseball games, and on college tours. 

And for some, once they get into college he helps them shop for dorm room furniture and even drops them off at the start of the semester.

Maria Cruz -- who will study at Johnson and Wales University in the fall -- says Kupecky's guidance was crucial in helping her reach her goals.

"I didn't really have that father-figure in my life so he kind of filled that role. He helped me lead me into the person I am today," Cruz said.

It's a role he never expected to add to his resume.

"It's the responsibility of knowing that you need to be there for them at all times. So it's a little hectic at times but I think it's definitely worth it and it warms my heart," Kupecky said.

So for guiding teens toward a path of success, David Kupecky is our New Yorker of the Week.