Decades may separate them but the bond between Shreya Sanghvi and Lenore Harrison knows no bounds.

"We have such a big age gap but it doesn't really feel that way," Sanghvi said.

Sanghvi is 22. Harrison, 94. 

The two were matched by the non-profit Queens Community House a year ago.

Sanghvi donates her time to the organization's "friendly visiting" program.

It connects volunteers with the elderly for weekly one-on-one time.

It's all in an effort to create new friendships for lonely home-bound seniors.

"This is something that makes me happy, just to be able to give back in a certain way," Sanghvi said.

Once a week, Sanghvi stops by Harrison's Rego Park apartment.

"She's reliable. She comes in any kind of weather and she's easy to talk to," Harrison said.

Most of the time they sit and chat.

They celebrate holidays and birthdays together.

The two share a love of travel and Harrison enjoys telling stories about life with her husband of 50 years.

"She had a really great love and I hope one day I can achieve something like that. And she's been able to travel quite a bit and that's also something that piques my interest. And so I hope that one day I can also go to a lot of different places and go on 35 cruises like she has," Sanghvi said.

And when the weather is nice, they go for walks and sit in the park nearby. 

"I think it's very good because a lot of older people can't get out and meanwhile, they have something to look forward to," Harrison said.

Sanghvi says a close relationship with her grandfather inspired her to volunteer with the visiting seniors program.

Little did she know, she would get a life-long friend out of it.

"I honestly never thought I'd have a 94-year-old friend but we've actaully had the conversation when she says I'm going to be at your wedding! And I have absolutely no doubt that she will be there," Sanghvi said.

And so for brightening the days of a senior in need, Shreya Sanghvi is our New Yorker of the Week.