Our New Yorker of the Week is a handyman who is lending a helping hand to others in need. NY1's John Schiumo introduces us.

Handyman Albert Dashevsky isn't getting paid for a particular job; providing free services to New Yorkers in need is a labor of love.

"Most people actually never know what it feels like to do free work or to give back, and I did do it and a lot of the times it may sound crazy, but it's more rewarding than getting money in your hands," said Albert.

Today's task: organizing wires for a working mother of two in Sheepshead Bay.

Through his business, 2 Tec Guys, Albert has heard countless stories from women who feel shortchanged by contractors hired for home repairs.

"It's always the same thing: either somebody's taking advantage of them because they're not knowledgeable in this field, or people are constantly trying to rip them off," Albert said. "It's just an uncomfortable feeling."

And that's when this Brooklyn native comes in.

For the past year, the 27-year-old has volunteered his time for dozens of seniors, people living with cancer, and single moms.

"I try to do everything on my own, but certain things I really can't," Sharon Abezova, a single mother, said.

"It's just admirable because he just does things out of the kindness of his heart and I believe that he, you know, is just here to help other people, and I think it's really nice," Abezova continued.

"It feels good that someone is helping my mommy," 4-year-old Ariella Ariyev said.

"It's genuine, I do it just as well as I would if I were to get paid, and I love doing it and I'm going to do it for as long as I can," Albert said.

The inspiration to help came after Albert felt most helpless.

Almost five years ago, his father was murdered during a home invasion. Albert gives back in his memory.

"It's a way of dealing with it almost, because it makes me happy to help somebody else," Albert said. "He was extremely giving, extremely knowledgeable, people would always rely on him for advice, call him. He would go out of his way to help people."

And so, for going out his way to help people too, Albert Dashevsky is our New Yorker of the Week.