Some Manhattan tenants head into cooler temperatures without heat and hot water. Our Susan Jhun has the details.

A lack of heat and hot water has Manhattan tenant Jean Hockaday-Leslie boiling mad.

"I have my oven on, water on top of the stove, which we have to heat up water and it's ridiculous!" Hockaday-Leslie said.

Ridiculous says the 70-year-old whose building at West 140th Street in Harlem has been without heat and hot water for a couple of weeks now. She says it's a recurring problem.

"Every winter we don't get no hot water, we don't get no heat," she said,

The cold is especially hard for Hockaday-Leslie who is sick with blood clots in her legs. The tenant of 14 years says all she ever hears is excuses from The Department of Housing Preservation and Development, which owns the building.

We contacted HPD and after looking into the situation, a spokeswoman told us HPD is aware of the conditions at the building. 

At the time, the spokeswoman said HPD was looking for a vendor to make the necessary repairs. 

A few days later, she told us HPD secured a contractor who is now currently working to restore service. She went on to say, the scope of work includes the replacement of 126 leaky tubes and the installation of a new oil burner that's on order.

In the interim, she said HPD is working with the managing agent to install temporary heat solutions.

Words tenants are relying on.

We will keep you updated.