A utility scam that's been circulating for a while is still taking in unsuspecting victims. NY1's Susan Jhun filed the following report.

Small business owner Juscelino Hong didn't know what to think when he recently received a call supposedly from Con Edison, threatening to shut off electricity to his diner unless he made an immediate payment.

"Your electricity bill is overdue, and because it's a Saturday and the billing department is closed, you have to purchase a prepaid card, call us back and give us that information and the transaction will be processed, and we will not cut off your electricity," Hong said.

Worried his restaurant would lose power during their Saturday breakfast rush, the business owner was almost swayed by the scare tactics, but fortunately thought twice.

"I called Con Edison billing. I explained the situation, and they were not aware of what was going on but they were aware of this scam that was going on," he said.

Con Ed has long cautioned consumers not to fall for this scam that's been around for years. 

A rep for the company said Con Ed never calls customers to tell them their power will be shut off or to rectify payment. He went on to say that if a customer is on the receiving end of one of these calls, they should hang up and report this criminal activity to local authorities.

Hong said although he did not fall victim to the scam, he felt compelled to warn others.

"I felt as though it's my duty to put this out there to perhaps let other business owners know," he said.

If you suspect something is not right, call Con Ed at 1-800-75-CONED.