Domestic air travel has now returned to pre-pandemic levels.

During the Thanksgiving travel rush, Delta expects to operate more than double the number of flights than it did last year out of JFK and LaGuardia.

That amounts to an average of 376 flights a day. Last year, there were only 177 departures daily.

The airline says not only are people eager to get away but they're also more comfortable doing so.

"They're not only safe but they're actually safer than many other environments they are in," said James Sarvis, the head of Delta's new Global Cleanliness division, which was created amid the pandemic.

His team has partnered with Lysol, the Mayo Clinic and Emory University to develop cleaning protocols based in science.

Frequent flyers have now become accustomed to hand sanitizing stations onboard and readily available disinfecting wipes. But there are also the things you don't typically see.

Commercial grade HEPA filters are installed on every aircraft.

"This processes and filters 99.99% of all particles that come through the cabin," Sarvis said.

Crews used to replace them every 400 flight hours but now they're replaced every 200 hours.

The cabin air is also made cleaner from electrostatic spraying. The disinfecting mist is applied to every plane at least once a day.

Regular cleaning crews handle the rest like wiping down surfaces and removing trash.