It’s a classic New York City view: the Manhattan skyline and the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges from the East River Waterfront. Right across the street from that spot on Adams and John Streets is the newest place in Brooklyn to read and learn.

"It's over 6,000 square feet, which isn't huge, but we've used every little bit of it in a way that I think provides spaces for each different segment of our audience,” said Brooklyn Public Library President and CEO Linda Johnson of the newest branch in the library system. 

What You Need To Know

  • The Adams Street Library in DUMBO is the Brooklyn Public Library’s 60th branch and first new branch built since 1983

  • It’s located on the ground floor of a former factory building on Adams Street between John and Plymouth Streets

  • The library branch is designed to serve the burgeoning residential community in DUMBO and Vinegar Hill and the residents of the nearby NYCHA Farragut Houses
  • A library annex has been operating about a block away in Brooklyn Bridge Park since the fall of 2019 to get the community excited about a new branch

It’s their 60th and first new branch since 1983, located on Adams Street between John and Plymouth Streets in DUMBO, situated on the ground floor of an old factory building. It's designed to serve the burgeoning residential community in DUMBO, Vinegar Hill, and at the nearby NYCHA Farragut Houses.

"This was not a hard decision, people from this neighborhood have been walking up the hill to Brooklyn Heights Library, which is a bit of a trek, especially in the winter,  so we knew there would be a big demand here,” said Johnson.

The library features plenty of books, computers, a children's library with a mini-amphitheater for story time, plus a community room for all types of meetings and gatherings. The design is a mix of old and new. The original wood beams have been left visible to remind visitors of the building's past.

"I love the character of an old building, and I think the way they blended new and old is really brilliant,” said Johnson. 

Work on the more than $7 million project began in early 2020. A small library annex has been open since 2019 about a block away to get the neighborhood excited about the new library.

The opening of the new branch comes as the library continues its return after having limited service earlier in the pandemic. 

"At this point, we are open in every branch that's not under construction and we do have computer sessions, you know, and we are socially distancing inside but, we are getting back to a normal level of service,” said Johnson.