After a hiatus, thanks to the pandemic, the Great New York State Fair officially starts tomorrow.

For many, the start of the fair truly begins with the unveling of this year's butter sculpture. 

The theme of this year's sculpture is "Back to School, Sports and Play ... You're Gonna Need Milk For That."

(Trish Kilgannon / Spectrum News 1)

The sculpture shows teens in a cafeteria, playing sports and gaming at home. It also represents how dairy is important in all those areas.

The theme was inspired by a recent study conducted by the American Dairy Association, which showed that the things teens missed the most since the beginning of the pandemic were activities that connected them to others, being able to stay close to their friends and playing sports.

With all that said, sculpters decided to honor kids and teens getting back to those activities. This butter sculpture was made over 10 days and is created out of more than 800 pounds of butter by Jim Victor and Marie Pelton.

This is the 19th sculpture Jim and Marie have created together.