Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said Tuesday he fully supports Mayor Bill de Blasio’s new vaccinate-or-get tested weekly requirement for city workers.

"The vaccines work,” Shea said in an interview on "Mornings on 1." “I have five members of the department in the hospital right now, some quite serious condition and all unvaccinated. So it's just a move that, you know, we're continuing to stress it. We're gonna comply and move forward."

The NYPD has one of the lowest vaccination rates among city agencies, with only 43% of the force vaccinated.

Shea, however, said that number actually reflects shots given to officers by the police department, and doesn't factor in officers who may have gotten vaccinated on their own.

Shea went on to say that the department's attorneys will iron out the details of the new vaccinate-or-get tested protocol.