NEW YORK — Thousands of runners came together on Saturday for a four mile race in Central Park supporting athletes with disabilities. 

The New York Road Runners’ Achilles Hope and Possibility race serves as the final leg of a 650 mile relay that began last month in North Carolina.

Achilles International works to improve the lives of people with disabilities through athletic programs. 

The organization pairs up runners with guides to assist them during competitions.

"It feels great I get to race and feel happy, I mean I get to tear down that track like I've never done before, well I'm still following the COVID rules but a lot of us are fully vaccinated," said Diego Lacayo, a runner.

"We train every Saturday and he's trying to get faster and faster with each race so whenever Diego is running in a race I'll be running with him," said Aaron Leddy-Weinstein, and Achilles International Guide.

Saturday's race also marked New York Road Runners’ return to its traditional race operations, including holding mass start waves for runners for the first time since the pandemic began.