Adela Tapia has been busier than ever lately.

Her business, Miss Adela Tapia's Day Care, is thriving. She's been operating out of her Greenwich Village apartment for 13 years.

What You Need To Know

  • Adela Tapia is the founder of Miss Adela Tapia's Day Care in Greenwich Village

  • Her enrollment is up 80% as workers return back to the office

  • With demand skyrocketing, the day care now has a waiting list

"At the moment, I have a waiting list going and parents are calling me for childcare. I am at capacity at the moment," said Tapia.

The increase in demand is due to parents going back to the office, according to Tapia. 

Just last month, the Partnership for New York City reported in its "Return to Office Survey" that more and more workers are indeed returning to the office, with an estimated 62% of Manhattan office workers saying they'll be back by the end of September.  

This is welcome news for Tapia.

"I noticed a surge with parents coming back to work. Even teachers, you know, I'm very happy to see that," Tappia said.

It was much different not so long ago when the pandemic forced her to shut down.

"The first time I had closed I had to see what my figures were, to make sure I had money to eat, make sure I had money to pay my rent," Tapia said.

Now that COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted, she said her enrollment is up 80%, and she's ready to expand.  

Tapia said her current space allows her to enroll up to six children. She hopes she can find a space where she can enroll up to 22 children.

"It would be my dream come true because I can service more families and I can make it into a more beautiful space than it already is," Tappia said. "My families that come to Miss Adela are professors, doctors, working people."

With demand up, she's focused on the future.

"It feels wonderful. This is what I look forward to every day when they come through the door to see their smile," Tapia said.