NEW YORK — Rebecca Minkoff, the woman behind the global apparel and accessories company, is now an author.

In the book, titled “Fearless,” she shares some of  what she’s learned during her nearly 20-year career building her brand.

What You Need To Know

  • Fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff has released her first book, “Fearless,” which offers her advice for building a successful career

  • Minkoff is the namesake of a global apparel and accessories company that’s seen more than $100 million in sales

  • Rather than chapters, the book outlines nearly two dozen rules that Minkoff said has helped her get to where she is today

“If I can help someone achieve success a little quicker, that was my goal,” Minkoff said.

The book is a lot like her fashion line in that it also promotes female empowerment.

“We all have fear and it’s whether we let it choose to stop us or not,” Minkoff said of why she choose “Fearless” as the name of her book.

Rather than chapters, the book outlines nearly two dozen rules that she thinks will be helpful to budding entrepreneurs and anyone trying to reach their career goals.  

“I think its ok to share,” Minkoff said. “You know, when people look up to someone, if they only see it’s always perfect and I never make a mistake, that’s beyond unrealistic.”

Minkoff makes it clear from the beginning of the book that her advice isn’t some fast track to success, but will come with hard work.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the fashion industry was hit hard, but Minkoff continued to work. She was only one of only three designers to hold in-person shows during New York Fashion Week last fall. Under heavy restrictions and COVID-19 protocols, Minkoff’s show offered attendees a chance to unwind and get excited about fashion.

Minkoff said giving up wasn’t something she would do willingly and she did everything in her power to keep the company running.

“The cavalry is not coming for us,” Minkoff said. “We actually have to put our necks out and ask for what we want and what we believe we’re worth.”

That piece of advice is something Minkoff wants readers to keep in mind, particularly as some begin the return back into an office setting after more than a year of working from home.

She also, however, reminds readers that pursuing a goal rarely leads to overnight success stories.

Minkoff said that in her nearly 20-year rise to the top of the fashion world, she had to work really hard to get there.


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