Mayoral candidate Maya Wiley wants New Yorkers to rank the vote and carefully fill out the whole ballot, because she had to ask for a new one after making a mistake.

“It’s not so much that it’s confusing. It’s that you have to line up the names to the numbers,” Wiley said.

With her partner Harlan Mandel, Wiley arrived at Erasmus Hall High School in Brooklyn on Monday morning.

What You Need To Know

  • Maya Wiley voted early on Monday morning with her partner Harlan Mandel

  • She requested a new ballot after making a mistake filling the first one out

  • If elected, Wiley would become the second African American and first female mayor of New York
  • She explained the type of private security her neighborhood association pays for, while criticizing the NYPD

After a series of high-profile endorsements in the last few weeks, Mayor Bill de Blasio’s former counsel is positioning herself as the best progressive option in the race. 

If elected, Wiley will become the second African American and first female mayor of New York.

“It’s very hard to describe what it feels like when a little eight-year-old girl, all she wants to do is to take a picture with you and when she was looking up at me what she was seeing was her own possibility,” Wiley said.

Wiley has been criticized for having private security in her neighborhood, while at the same time asking to redirect one billion dollars from the NYPD to social services. 

“What there is in the neighborhood is an association that has supported unarmed people who observe and if there’s a problem call the police,” Wiley said.

Her partner explained this made him feel safer after he was mugged and assaulted near their home in 2001, and that they had stopped paying the fee for this service. 

Wiley also criticized the police response to the assault.

“Until we get policing right, until we create the right balance and the right accountability, and that accountability includes being responsive to violence in all the right ways, we will not have trust in the New York City Police Department,” Wiley said. 

The latest poll by Marist College puts her in third place right after Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and former Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia.