Police are looking for a person they say threw an explosive device that injured a woman during the clashes between pro-Palestine and pro-Israel demonstrators Thursday.

Authorities say the incident is being investigated as a hate crime assault.

It happened in the vicinity of 37 West 47th Street at around 6 p.m. Thursday, according to police.

According to the NYPD, the man displayed the device while riding in the back of a pickup truck and then threw it.

A 55-year-old woman was injured, police said. She was treated at Bellevue Hospital and has since been released.

The NYPD had referred to the device as "professional grade fireworks" earlier in the day.

Clashes between pro-Israeli and pro-Palestinian demonstrators erupted in Times Square Thursday, hours after a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas was announced.

The protesters yelled things such as "kill" Jews, said David Rangini, who works in the Diamond District. 

Rangini said he heard some of the pro-Palestinian demonstrators shouting anti-Semitic rhetoric. But he and other witnesses told NY1 the clashes started after several people threw water and juice bottles out of a window at the pro-Palestinian demonstrators. That’s when the two sides starting fighting each other.

“The guy above me seeing him [throw] like three or four bottles in a row," said Mohamed Hamdy, who also works in the Diamond District and witnessed some of the violence. "So they started throwing bottles back at them, which is like a normal reaction."

Police said video shows a Jewish man being violently assaulted during the demonstration. 

Police said five to six men approached a 29-year-old man, knocked him to the ground and assaulted him while making anti-Semitic statements. Police said the attackers punched, kicked and pepper-sprayed the man. 

On Friday, police announced they arrested 23-year-old Waseem Awawdeh in connection with the attack and charged him with a hate crime. Police are looking for several other individuals.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has also directed the State Police Hate Crimes Task Force to help with the investigation.