Cloe Luv has worked really hard to get to where she is now.

“I feel proud, I feel ambitious to reach out to people, to come here and bask in this energy," said Luv, who is the founder of Cloe's Corner, a co-working space in Boerum Hill.

What You Need To Know

  • Cloe Luv is the founder of Cloe's Corner, a co-working space in Boerum Hill

  • She grew up wanting to better herself after losing friends to gun violence, and having a teacher tell her to drop out of high school

  • Cloe's Corner shifted in the pandemic to help entrepreneurs and small business owners build their brands

  • She hopes to help budding professionals though her workshops and programming

She’s come a long way. Luv has multiple degrees, a charity, a record label, podcast, a book and the co-working space.

However, to get here, she dealt with some hardships growing up in East Flatbush. The memories come back as she looks at a picture from high school.

“Knowing people who got shot, losing some friends due to gun violence, a lot of friends dropped out, some teachers told me to drop out of school,” Luv said. “One told me I was never going to be anything, so I might as well drop out.”

She said that adversity became the fire inside her to prove that teacher wrong.

"I had some run ins with the police,” she said. “Things of that nature. I realized what we just needed was outlets to express that pent-up anger and oppression, and we did not have the resources to do so.”

That is exactly what she is doing now, by operating a space for professionals to build their brands.

Cloe’s Corner opened as a co-working space in 2019. But when the pandemic hit, the business transformed to offer new resources for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Things have taken a new direction.

“When the pandemic hit, we realized the importance of content creation and meeting your audience where they were, and in this particular case, it was inside, so you still wanted to get your message across while monetizing on your business," Luv said.

She offers business courses, free workshops and equipment to create podcasts and vlogs. She hopes it will help the next generation of professionals find their footing.

“It just can't be black people saying that we need these resources. We need everyone to align within humanity to make this happen, and that is why diversity is such a big goal in within, creating those resources," Luv said.

"You have to have hope that there is something bigger,” Luv said. “There's something out there for you.”