It was opening day for the Bronx Night Market, a seasonal outdoor showcase of cuisine that attracts foodies of all ages.

Some visitors had happy stomachs and happy feet.The upbeat environment and tantalizing smell attracted crowds on Saturday.

“We got out of the subway and just said, 'Wow.' Right before it event opened. We waited 20 minutes before it opened," said Peter Bartley a Fordham University student. "This is awesome to see and to experience. The smell is crazy."

There were many food combinations, from freshly pressed burgers to buttery lobster and other crispy goodness.

The event's founder, Marco Shalma, says the site is a global experience.

“We have German, Jamaican, American. We have different kind of flavors," Shalma said. "The idea is, you come here and have a little bit of a wor;d tour through your stomach."

“People like to try different things," said vendor Catherine Martinez.

Like most things, the market was impacted by the pandemic. In 2020, the start of the season was delayed until late August. The usual crowds of thousands dwindled, and many vendors were too afraid to take part in it.

“It’s great to see that the Bronx is back alive again," said Randy Carpenter, the co-owner and chef of The Fried Kitchen, a food truck that sells a variety of chicken and waffles. "This past year on Fordham, it was like a ghost town. I had never seen it like that."

“It’s just good to see people out here and enjoying themselves. It makes me feel like things are normal," said visitor Sadie Keating.

The market, which used to kick off during the evening when it first started in 2018, is now welcoming the lunch crowd. It stays open through dinner every Saturday at Fordham Plaza through November 13.