Senator Charles Schumer called attention to an issue he says poses a rising threat to New Yorkers, and Americans across the country: “ghost guns.”

Under current law, components to make a ghost gun can be purchased and then assembled by the buyer themselves, circumventing the background check process. 

These types of guns don’t have a serial number and have been used in a number of mass shootings before.

Now, Schumer is calling on lawmakers in Washington to close federal legal loopholes that allow these kinds of guns to be bought and sold.

"When the bad people can't buy guns at a gun shop because they need to do a background check, they can order these kits in the mail, or buy them in stores, and no one asks them any questions,” Schumer said. “Close the ghost gun loophole and we will save lives."

Schumer says New York Attorney General Letitia James has already taken action to prevent the flow of ghost guns into the state, but pointed out it's possible to buy one from another state and then have it shipped here.

Schumer added that he's hopeful the Biden administration will move forward quickly with closing the federal loophole.