NEW YORK - Authorities say they shut down an illegal club in Manhattan that packed hundreds of people in.

It was one of two large indoor gatherings in the city that were busted by New York Sheriffs.

What You Need To Know

  • Sheriff Deputies Crack Down on Gathering In Chelsea That Had More Than 200 People

  • Deputies Say Club Gathering In East New York Had 180 People, Majority Not Wearing Masks

  • State Mandate Calls For No Indoor Gatherings of More than 10 People

The New York Sheriff’s Office says around 1 a.m. Saturday they busted a gathering of more than 200 people in Chelsea that involved alcohol and hookah, but no social distancing.

Sheriff Deputies say proper facial masks were not being worn, as the crowd gathered in close quarters on the 9th Floor of a commercial space on West 26th Street by the High Line.


NY1 showed photos to a stunned woman named Nicole, who works at a gallery across the street.

“I wonder who rented out the space in the first place because it looks pretty professional. You know what I mean? It is upsetting!” said Nicole.

To help stop a resurgence of the coronavirus, all bars and restaurants with New York State liquor licenses must now close by 10 p.m. That state mandate went into effect Friday night, and it also limits indoor gatherings to 10 people.

Yet despite the new restrictions, the Sheriff’s Office says they also busted a major gathering in Brooklyn during the overnight hours Saturday at Hearts of Love in East New York, where alcohol and hookah were also on hand.

Authorities say approximately 180 people were packed inside with the majority not wearing face coverings or properly social distancing.

“I mean, I can’t imagine what is going through people’s brain if they have a brain, to put everyone at risk including themselves," said Susan Herman, who lives in Flatiron. “I mean, what are they thinking, really? I mean, it’s really disturbing!”

Herman and her friend, Carolyn Grey, both say they know people who have contracted COVID-19.

They were upset and disappointed to see those disturbing photos.

“This is obscene what goes on with some of these people and there’s a quarter of a million people dead," said Grey, who lives in Chelsea. "Don’t they get it? I don’t understand, really.”

The Sheriff’s Office says several workers and patrons at the clubs that were busted in Brooklyn and Manhattan were issued summonses and violations, including some for violating emergency executive orders when it comes to COVID-19.