NEW YORK - The 11th edition of DOC NYC is up and running online this year due to COVID-19. It’s showing over 200 films, including 22 world premieres.

What You Need To Know

  • The DOC NYC festival begins on November 11

  • Documentaries “Belushi,” “Calendar Girl,” “In My Own Time: A Portrait of Karen Dalton,” and “Chasing Childhood” are featured

  • Never before heard audio recordings made in the wake of John Belushi’s death are featured in the documentary “Belushi"

  • Go to for ticket information

A highlight of the festival is the film “Belushi,” about the legendary comedian John Belushi. In the film we hear recordings from those closest to him, including some of his “Saturday Night Live” cast mates.

The recordings were made just after his death in 1982. Director R.J. Cutler says the recordings were key in telling Belushi’s story.

“We found the rawness and the immediacy and the emotion that we that I was seeking in order to tell John's story,” said Cutler.

They've never been heard by the public before. At the height of his career, Belushi had “Saturday Night Live,” the blockbuster film “National Lampoon’s Animal House,” and the number one album as a member of “The Blues Brothers.”

The documentary “In My Own Time: A Portrait of Karen Dalton,” takes a look at the life of the blues and folk singer. She was a prominent figure in 1960’s New York City. Directors Richard Peete and Robert Yapkowitz were fans. Peete comments on Dalton’s influence.

“She was highly respected by all of her contemporaries. People like Tim Hardin, Bob Dylan. And actually even today, she's still respected by musicians, people like Nick Cave, all the way to like Adele has even cited her as an influence,” said Peete, co-director of “In My Own Times: A Portrait of Karen Dalton.”

In the documentary “Chasing Childhood,” directors Margaret Munzer-Loeb and Eden Wurmfeld look at the challenges of raising a child in New York City. Co-Director Margaret Munzer-Loeb says the children they interviewed feel like they’re being over-scheduled.

“We definitely heard that they're exhausted, and they're sleep deprived. They feel tremendous pressure, tremendous stress, that everything is riding on them to get into a good college,” said Munzer-Loeb.

The documentary, “Calendar Girl” covers the career of New York fashion trailblazer, Ruth Finley. She coordinated every major fashion show - thousands of events in a multi-billion dollar industry.

In the early 1940’s, Finley started the now famous Fashion Calendar. Today, it continues to be the premier guide for Fashion Week. Director Christian Bruun says Finley had a huge impact on the fashion world, especially in New York City.

“She really was one of four women who built the New York fashion industry. It would be a very different industry today without Ruth,” said Bruun.

DOC NYC runs from November 11 through the 19th. Go to for more information and virtual tickets.