BROOKLYN, N.Y. - The life of a skateboarder is all about speed, soaring to new heights, and getting that adrenaline rush. That's what Andrew Gelles loves and is providing a space for skateboarders to achieve at the Substance Skatepark, an indoor skaters haven in East Williamsburg. 

Gelles opened the doors in July after a delay due to COVID-19 restrictions. 


What You Need To Know

  • The Substance Skatepark opened in July on Scholes Street in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, inside the Breeze Complex

  • Owner Andrew Gelles was a longtime instructor and ran camps at the popular Pier 62 Skate Park in Hudson River Park

  • Substance requires masks for all skaters and has a cap of 30 people in the building at any given time

  • The Skate Park is open 24 hours, seven days a week and includes ramps and half pipes and a street skating area


“We're both a 24/7 facility and we're open to the public every single day, so no matter what level you're on or where you are at you can just come shred with us anytime,” said Gelles.

The skate park located at the Breeze Complex on Scholes Street is already attracting top skaters, like the Lower East Side's 14-year-old whiz kid, Jiro Platt, who is a Red Bull Athlete. 

"Sometimes I'd have to drive upstate to skate at a park that's like an hour away, it’s pretty far, so it's really nice to have this like really close,” said Platt. 

When he's not hanging around with skaters like Jiro Platt, you might see Andrew Gelles watering moss, which he uses as an additional air purification system at the facility. 

"You give these guys a little bit of water it purifies the air thousands of times better than trees per square foot, and you feel like you are skating in the woods,” said Gelles, who added, “We’ve got it everywhere!” 

Gelles was an instructor at Hudson River Park's popular Pier 62 skate park for 10 years where he also ran camps. 

He was so busy, he decided to open his own place. It's good news for skaters like Ian Clarke of the New York City Skate Coalition, who is 58-years-old and still going strong.  

"It's amazing, plus having these two big ramps here is incredible. They complement one another really well,” said Clarke.

Gelles requires all skaters and staff to wear masks, and no more than thirty people will be allowed in any given time. To find out about fees and membership opportunities, head to here.