NEW YORK - You may not know Molly Clark by name, but the 23-year-old NYU graduate is unexpectedly blowing up on social media. 

Why? Well it all started as a joke on an elevator when she imitated the famous NYC subway voice all New Yorkers have come to know with those famous seven words, “Stand clear of the closing doors please.” 

Clark posted her TikTok video and it spread like wildfire.  So much so that it got the attention of the man behind that iconic voice, Charlie Pellett. Pellett then sent Molly a personal voice message to say he was “delighted and honored” by her impersonation and another TikTok video was posted by Molly, this too went viral. 

But the story of Molly Clark doesn’t end there. It also got the attention of the MTA. They reached out to Molly for a very special opportunity, to record her own voice message for all New Yorkers who ride the subway. 

Keeping up with all this TikTok business? Well today, Molly Clark joined "Mornings On 1" to explain her whirlwind social media ride and what the MTA opportunity means to her.