A total of 124 city public schools will be either fully closed, or have one of their locations closed, beginning Thursday morning.

The final list comes after a day of confusion spurred by new coronavirus shutdown maps released by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, which created new red and orange zones — where schools will be shut down — as well as yellow zones, where they won’t.

The system replaces Mayor de Blasio’s initial plan to shut schools across nine zip codes.

The new maps mean an extra 33 schools will see closures on Thursday. Some schools have multiple locations in different buildings that will be closed. In all, 61 more school sites will be closed Thursday compared to the day before, the DOE says.

To find if your school is open or closed, you can enter your school's address here.

Sixteen schools that were closed on Tuesday because of their zip code are now in yellow zones of Cuomo’s map, but the city says those schools will remain closed for at least two weeks anyway.

Another 308 schools are in the governor’s yellow zone, which means they can open but must have mandatory weekly coronavirus testing for a portion of their students. That testing will begin next Friday.