Investigators are looking into an incident on Pelham Parkway South and Wallace Avenue, where officials say an NYPD Highway Patrol car—responding to a call for assitance—struck a woman Monday afternoon.

The incident, which left a woman in her 30s severely injured and in critical condition, took place around 3:30 P.M., according to police. 

Officials say she was rushed to Jacobi Hospital afterwards, where she remains in serious, but stable condition, according to police.

NY1 obtained security footage showing the moment the vehicle struck the woman. While the video is too graphic to show in full, it does shows the car, with lights on, driving quickly and striking the pedestrian, while the other cars are stopped.

Police say the woman was crossing the street and in the crosswalk when the vehicle hit her.

Locals said they were upset when they heard about the incident.

“It shocks me. It shocks me because usually the police presence here is a positive thing,” one person said.

“I understand that it’s an accident, and accidents happen, but you’re in a cop car, you got to watch out,” said another.

Due to an NYPD Investigation, drivers should expect extensive Queens-bound traffic delays on the Throgs Neck Bridge.

Police say drivers should consider alternate routes and allow for additional travel time.

The incident remains under investigation, according to police.

Editor’s Note: In an earlier version of this article, NY1 incorrectly stated that the dash cam video obtained was from the police car involved in the incident. The video obtained was from a security camera.