NEW YORK - Mayor Bill de Blasio and other city officials on Thursday introduced New Yorkers to the newly reopened virus testing lab on Manhattan's east side.

The Pandemic Response Lab has been set up inside the Alexandria Center for Life Science on East 29th Street.

With resources pooled from various city agencies, the lab is able to process 10,000 tests a day, and guarantees results within two days.

So far, city officials say all results have actually been sent out within 24 hours, and the plan is to expand testing capability to process 20,000 tests a day by November.

The mayor and health officials say they want to bring people together and create solutions to tackle the pandemic.

"We all breathe the same air, viruses don't need visas to cross borders and climate change is rapidly accelerating the emergence of new infectious diseases. So we have the opportunity to share the lessons that New York City has learned with other cities and countries," said NYC Mayor's Office Senior Advisor for Public Health Dr. Jay Varma.

"Here in this global city we have communities from all over the world in one place, and the solutions we create here can save lives everywhere," De Blasio said.

The Pandemic Response Lab employs nearly 100 people, and will add around 50 more jobs by November.